We are here to assist you in the recovery of unclaimed funds that rightfully belong to you!!!

We are aware of how stressful and draining the foreclosure process can be.  You may be entitled to funds held either at the county or the state treasury department that are rightfully due to you.  “How so?”  “How do I claim these funds?”  These are questions that are likely to be at the forefront of your mind currently.  Contact us so that we can walk you through how our team will relentlessly execute and navigate the process of claiming these funds that you are in need of to start over.


Committed to processing your unclaimed funds from beginning to end with all of the responsibilities that are attached in order to provide you with much needed funds due to you in this difficult time.  

What we Do



Initial Qualification Audit

Our team will perform an audit to verify if you are due unclaimed funds at the county or state treasury level.  Our research team will, then, insure that all legal outstanding debts have been satisfied to establish the final surplus amount due.  


Process of Unclaimed Funds

We will initiate the process of claiming your funds assuming all legal fees and process fees associated with the claim.  In other words, there are NO UPFRONT COSTS TO YOU!!!  We believe in relieving our clients of the burden of funding to process the claim seeing as to how foreclosures are already challenging to endure, 


Claims Payout

Once all legal proceedings have been settled and funds are released, we insure that funds are disbursed to the rightful owner or heir to the property.  After these funds are released and our client is successfully compensated, we receive a contingency fee as what will be previously agreed upon for services rendered.  

No Upfront Costs!

Did we mention, “no upfront costs to you?”  Well, we believe that is is important enough to repeat!  Again, foreclosure can be a taxing experience!!! We are here to help you!!! Sincerely!!! We have a team of researchers and lawyers that are ready to assist in getting you the much needed help that you are due.  All you have to do is sign a small amount of paperwork, sit back, and trust us to go to work for you!  It is that simple.  

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